Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU

Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU


National representative
Tanja Pipan, PhD


Twitter: LifeWatch_SI

Address: Titov trg 2, 6230 Postojna

E-mail: info.lifewatch@zrc-sazu.si

Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU joined LifeWatch Slovenia in 2015 and it is the leading partner of the LifeWatch Slovenia consortium.


The unique location in the centre of the Classical Karst and a long tradition of excellent research have made IZRK ZRC SAZU one of the top karstological centres in the world. Here, research focuses on karst and its conservation, studying its hydrology, geology, biology, geomorphology, ecology, microbiology, and speleology, as well as the history of karst science. The Institute’s researchers also come from a variety of backgrounds, thus enabling a multidisciplinary approach. Research includes numerous field studies, laboratory investigations, and numerical modelling.      

Like many other well-known research institutions across Europe, the Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU faces the same data management issues, although it still aspires to be a top research institution. The multidisciplinary profile of the institute has apparently led to data management problems in the past, with each researcher contributing his or her own contribution of data without standardization with other fields. As the national headquarters for three environmental RISs (LifeWatch, EPOS, and eLTER), the Institute started to better define its role to adopt a multidisciplinary data management plan and contribute as a trusted partner with FAIR data and services.



The goal of the RI-SI-LifeWatch project was for the national node to build a network for monitoring and collecting data on biodiversity and the environment, obtained and processed through the acquisition of high-performance research equipment. With the help of the new and powerful laboratory and field research equipment and a new data centre with high storage capacity purchased from the RI-SI-Lifewatch project, the Slovenian consortium is now collecting a large amount of research data in digital form, which will be included in the national karst database, harmonised with FAIR principles and designed to provide a temporal and spatial link between specific sites. See information about our RI-SI-LifeWatch equipment on our metadata portal.


ENVRI-FAIR is the connection of the ESFRI Cluster of Environmental RIs (ENVRI) to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The goal is that all participating RIs build FAIR data services to enhance researchers’ efficiency & productivity, support innovation, enable data/knowledge based decisions & connect ENVRI Cluster to EOSC. Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU collaborate in WP9 (the marine domain) and WP11 (implementation in Biodiversity/Ecosystems subdomain).


In order to pool resources in Slovenia in the field of socio-ecological research, and to promote international networking, we have inaugurated the LTER-Slovenia project. This is a consortium of several institutions with support from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. Our mission in brief is to be the main coordinating body for networked socio-ecological research in Slovenia, which entails both running our own research program and coordinating our research with partners abroad. This is the goal of the eLTER Research Infrastructure (еLTER RI). eLTER is now in the preparatory phase on the way to becoming a fully-fledged Research Infrastructure. The Preparatory Phase Project, funded by the European Commission (2020-2025) will support this process.



ProteusWatch vLab is planned to be developed as an e-services access to infrared videos and images captured in the karst underground habitat of Proteus anguinus, the largest European cave amphibian, endemic to Slovenia and the entire Dinaric Karst range. The IR video and images will be a precious resource to be processed via machine learning analysis tools in order to understand the ecology of this secretive endangered cave vertebrate. The vLab will be set by Tular Cave Laboratory in collaboration with Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU in the famous Planina Cave, the world hotspot for the largest population of proteus and the highest number of subterranean biodiversity.

Karst Groundwater Habitats

Karst groundwater habitats vLab is planned as an e-services that gives access to sensor data collected in the framework of the Slovenian LifeWatch project in order and to explore and analyze these data. A user-friendly interface is planned to be built to interactively assess the karst groundwater quality and the possible pollution events that affect the cave and karst spring habitats. The vLab will be set by Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU in collaboration with Tular Cave Laboratory.


Meteo station Jelševnik

The Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU installed a meteorological station with soil sensors near Jelševnik (Bela krajina) in SE -Slovenia, very close to the habitat of black proteus (Proteus anguinus parkelj). The meteo-station includes a central computing and storage unit, sensors (solar radiation, air pressure, air temperature, air humidity, precipitation, snow cover height, soil temperature and humidity), a module for wireless data transmission and a power supply unit (solar panel). The device was acquired on April 16, 2021 under the RI-SI -LifeWatch project. It is used to monitor all important meteorological parameters for the purposes of ecological and karst habitat research.



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